About The ALF

Hello From the Resistance!

My name is Katherine (she/her), and I am one of many Angry Liberal Feminists, and presently the sole author of this blog. I am a Political Science major with a pre-law concentration and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, hoping to go on to law school and become a social justice attorney. My journey with feminism began with writing companies about sexist advertising when I was in elementary school, and never really stopped, although I credit a dear friend with introducing me to intersectionality and setting me on the path to beginning to understand the matrix of oppression. Political activism, on the other hand, I was lucky enough to learn from my father. In my household staying informed, voting, contacting politicians, and protesting were so much the norm, I believed that was the default for everyone. I still believe it should be.

As a white, cisgender, homosexual woman I have known enough of both privilege and oppression to know exactly how lucky I am to be able to even create a space like this without direct fear of violence in this present political climate. That is why I am here.

This blog is designed to be a place in which sane conversations about current events and power structures can take place. Presently, many of those conversations revolve around President Donald Trump, his cabinet, and the considerations and actions of the legislative branch. That said, there will also be a focus on social issues, particularly through an intersectional feminist lens.

The goals of Angry Liberal Feminist are:

  • To discuss the facts of current events and their potential implications
  • To concisely reduce the important events surrounding the Trump Administration to accessible posts so as to better enable an informed public in an age of constant headlines and “scandal fatigue”
  • To hold accountable people and groups of privilege for words and actions that harm marginalized persons
  • To draw attention to social justice issues that do not always get the media coverage they deserve in heavy news periods such as this, or at all
  • To speak truth to power where it is needed most
  • To add another voice to those resisting the so-called “alt-right,” white nationalism, and all other recently promoted values that we, the people of the United States of America firmly and completely disavow
  • And, if I happen to anger some bigots in the process, well… that’s just a bonus 😉


Legal Notice & Disclaimers:

All posts and content are my own unless directly stated otherwise; all opinions are my own. No content on this website (The Angry Liberal Feminist) may be reproduced without attribution. This website may provide links to outside sources, and reference political and public figures. Such links and references do not constitute endorsement unless otherwise stated. 

Comments on this blog are subject to moderation and may be deleted if found to be in violation of the Comment Policy.  Comments may be reported for policy violations using the “Contact Me” form. 

Finally: I will never be done learning about intersectionality, and there will always be opportunities for me to get something wrong. I will be making every effort to ensure such errors do not occur, but if you are a marginalized person and anything posted or linked here is incorrect or offensive to you, or you feel could be interpreted as ‘speaking over’ someone more appropriate to discuss a subject, please feel free to let me know.  Accountability is my number one priority, and I appreciate the emotional labor involved in such a call-out. I promise to listen, make every effort to rectify the situation immediately, and work hard to be better in the future.

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